World Environment Day Events - WED 2016

World Environment Day is joyously celebrated every year on 5th June to raise global awareness for taking positive environmental actions to protect the nature resources and the planet Earth. The burgeoning population growth and the growing economic development with high exploitation of natural resources have caused degradation and pollution that has severely affected the delicate ecosystem, leading to loss of biodiversity. To address these growing environmental challenges, it is the responsibility of all the citizens of this planet to play an active role in protecting our environment for a sustainable future. There is a global increase in health-related issues due to water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, poor sanitation and vector borne diseases. Sustainable environment is the key that provides an answer to the question how human beings can coexist harmoniously with the Earth and the nature. In conjunction with WED 2016, AIMST University is proud to organize seminar and events dedicated to preserve our environment. It would also be an opportunity for all of us to be empowered and be an agent of change to ensure positive impact on the planet.


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WED Events