Welcome to AIMST Dent-A-Fun 2018 Event

welcome to dent-a-fun 2018

Dent-A- Fun is an intercollege educational fun event. Game based learning can be used as an innovative and challenging educational tool which develops visual alertness, critical thinking, leadership skills and also assists in memory strategies with reasoning among budding dental students. Henceforth, the Faculty of Dentistry, AIMST University organizes a national level, intercollege one day interactive game based learning event in dentistry for all dental undergraduate students (Year 1 to Year 5) from all over Malaysia.

This event comprises of education with an entertainment component thereby enhancing student interest and learning in field of Dentistry and helps to develop leadership skills with critical thinking besides molding professional values and instilling a keen interest in life long education among dental undergraduate student. This will enhance and strengthen the knowledge of dentistry via extracurricular activities and are motivated for their knowledge and skills through various rewards.

Dr. Priyadarshini Karthikeyan
Organizing Committee