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Give full of comitments in order to contribute the improvement of productivity.


Efficient service delivery, transparency and consistency to the customer is our promise.


Encouraging experimentation and making productivity gains to increase profitability.

Friendly Code

We ensure the environmental workplace of rules and regulations ought to be same for everyone.

Director Note

Welcome to the Research Management Centre (RMC) AIMST website. I am grateful to God, this website developed with the aim of being one of the centers of information and reference for the management and implementation of research activities in AIMST University.

Research Management Centre (RMC) is an entity under the office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor(Research and Innovation), role for manage,coordinate mobilize, and intensify the R&D to increase productivity for the production of new discoveries and research output quality. RMC also serve to enhance cooperation on R&D with the public and private sectors, especially for external grants which establish research collaboration with industry.

With support AIMST aim in strenghtening and consolidating research activities, RMC is committed to continuosly improve research management services to a level of excellence in future.

I hope all AIMST benefit from this site and we welcome any comment and suggestions to ensure that the best services can be channeled for research excellence


Dr. Sivachandran Parimannan

Director of Research Management Center (RMC)

AIMST University.

Latest News

Research Fund Application

For your information the application of the Research Ministry of Higher Education (DP KPT) Phase 1/2018 will be open to researchers at Higher Education Institutions (IPTs). Please click here to find more information about the dateline.


SETARA annoucement result has been realease. Please click here to view the statistic. Click here to find more information about SETARA in 2017.

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