Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL)

CLL is a certified HRDF Training provider and has 6 years of experience in providing training and consultancy services to myriad institutions in Malaysia. Our services comprise of English Language Courses, Soft Skills, HR Consulting, Team Building and Corporate Wellness. We believe that training brings development to an institution or organization. With training, together we learn and together we grow. We are always prepared to cater to your needs and requirements. All our training programs are tailor made to achieve our client’s objective(s). We do provide public training and in-house training. Talk to us and we will achieve it for you.

To be an excellent lifelong learning center that is recognized locally and internationally.
  • To provide current and relevant training and development programs that meet the local and international standard
  • To offer high quality training programs at an affordable price
  • To provide lifelong learning opportunities to all by leveraging latest technology and methods, flexible mode of learning with vibrant and mentally stimulating environment to attain the stated objective


Course StructureProgramme Outcome

Why training?

  • Job description for jobs in your company changes. How to make your employees accept this?
  • New strategies need to be implemented in my company to achieve its goal.
  • I need my employees to co-operate to achieve my goal/vision/mission.
  • I need a dynamic team to run my company.
  • I need proactive employees.
  • I want my employees to adapt to a new working culture.
  • I want my employees to grasp good communication skills.
  • I want my front liners to be able to close the deal and bring in more business.
  • I want to find out the capable leaders in my company.
  • I want my employees to have basic grooming skills.
  • I want my employees to be current and technology savvy.

These may be your concern and the key to it is TRAINING!

The purpose of training is to initiate a process of rapid improvement, by means of achieving a shared understanding of the correct leadership and management methods that we need to employ, if we are to achieve our stated goals. We have been helping many firms and companies to achieve their goals. With the experience we gained, we are confident in saying that we will bring a change in yours as well.

CLL Will Be Coordinating

  1. Modular Programs / Short Courses (Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Allied Health Professions, Faculty of Engineering & Computer Technology, Faculty of Business & Management)
  2. Conferences
  3. Workshops
  4. Symposiums
  5. Seminars
  6. Public Talks
  7. Public Training
  8. Corporate Training
  9. In-House Training
  10. Business Across Borders

      ***Modular Programs / Short Courses are based on the curriculum offered in the respective faculties. The preferred modular program / short course can be tailor-made according to the client’s preference and need.


What we can offer?


  1. Aspire Secretaries: Be Inspired, Learn & Grow
  2. Becoming a 360-Degree Secretary
  3. Business Writing Skills for Secretaries
  4. Administrative Skills
  5. Managing Up by Handling Your Bosses


  1. Building Effective Interpersonal Skills: A Key to Workplace Success
  2. Business Communication & Presentation (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  3. Business English for Front liners
  4. Business Writing Skills: Email, Official Letters, Memo & Meeting Minutes
  5. Business Writing Skills: Report & Proposal Writing Skills
  6. Business Writing Skills for Leaders & Managers for Influence & Impact
  7. Communicating & Connecting with Professionalism: Confidence, Charisma, Chemistry
  8. Dealing with Difficult People
  9. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) at Work
  10. Enhancing Communication & Relationship in the Workplace
  11. English is Easy! Speak & Write with Confidence
  12. Facilitation Skills: How to Get People to Share Ideas
  13. Inspirational Presentation Skills for Leaders & Managers
  14. Listening and Questioning Skills for Effective Communication
  15. Managing Meeting Effectively
  16. Negotiating from a Practical Perspective to Achieve a Win-Win Outcome
  17. Persuasion & Influencing Skills for Leaders & Managers
  18. Power Presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint
  19. Powerful Presentations: Designing & Delivering Impactful Presentations
  20. Professional Telephone & Email Etiquette
  21. Psychology of Influencing and Negotiation Using NLP
  22. Public Speaking
  23. Star Negotiator: Best Practices Applied to Your Negotiations
  24. Storytelling: A Powerful Tool to Inspire and Influence
  25. Strategic Negotiation for Effective Results


  1. Brand You – Discover, Design & Define Your Professional Presence & Personal Branding
  2. Enhancing Corporate and Professional Image
  3. Event Management Workshop
  4. Integrated Public Relations & Corporate Communication Strategies
  5. Professional Grooming & Business Etiquette


  1. Creating WOW Customer Service Experience
  2. Customer Service by NLP
  3. Customer’s Mindset – Delivering Quality Customer Service
  4. Enhancing Customer Service and Customer Relationships
  5. Handling Difficult Customers
  6. Impressing Customers at First Sight and Retaining Them
  7. Managing Upset Customers & Handling Complaints
  8. The EQ Way to Customer Service: The Heart of Service Excellence


  1. Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills
  2. Do You Want to be Creative?
  3. Driving a Culture & Practice of Innovation
  4. Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats Methods®
  5. Enhancing Creativity & Innovation in the Workplace
  6. Kaizen – Continuous Improvement for Sustainable Excellence
  7. Think Smart at Work: Creative Thinking, Problem Solving & Decision Making
  8. Thinking Out of the Box
  9. Tony Buzan: Good Thinking & Mental Toughness
  10. Tony Buzan: Mind Maps®
  11. Strategic Thinking, Planning & Implementation
  12. Translating Strategic Plans into Desirable Results


  1. 8 Critical Skills in Leadership
  2. Accelerate Leadership Development: Mindset, Competencies, Behaviors, Style
  3. Assertiveness Skills for Leaders & Managers
  4. Becoming an Influential & Engaging Leader
  5. Building Future Leaders: Visions, Strategies, Practices, Insights
  6. Building Successful Women Leaders
  7. Change Management – Inspired by “Who Moved My Cheese”
  8. Essential Management Skills for First Time Managers
  9. Essential Supervisory Skills for First Time Supervisors
  10. Foundation of Leadership
  11. High Impact Leadership
  12. How Leaders Lead – A leader’s GPS
  13. Leaders’ Retreat with Team Building Element: Rethink the Way You Lead
  14. Leaders Who Serve
  15. Leadership: Simple & Pure
  16. Leadership with Results
  17. Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  18. Learning from the East and West: Thoughts of the Greatest Leaders of All Times
  19. Mastering Success: What We Can Learn from Great Leaders
  20. Modern Day Leadership
  21. New Manager Milestone Workshop
  22. Now Everyone Can Lead
  23. Practical Management Skills for Executives
  24. Productivity Leadership: Learning to Lead Sustainably and Positively
  25. Positive Power & Influence for Leaders & Managers
  26. Professional Managerial Development Program
  27. Taking Leaders to the Next Level
  28. Taking Supervisors to the Next Level
  29. Thought Leadership & Personal Branding for Leaders
  30. Transformational Leadership
  31. Visionary Leaders: Moving from Good to Great


  1. Behavioral Based Interviewing Skills
  2. Best Fitting for the Best Talent (Recruitment, Interview, Selection)
  3. Competency Based Talent Acquisition & Retention
  4. Discipline at Work
  5. Effective Interviewing Skills
  6. Performance Appraisal and Evaluation
  7. Setting KPI & Managing Performance Appraisal
  8. SOP Writing Workshop


  1. Creative, Engaging & Productive Training Techniques that Work
  2. Enhancing Teaching to the New Generation
  3. Monitoring & Measuring Training Effectiveness
  4. The Making of Enjoyable Learning
  5. Train the Trainer (TTT)
  6. Training Needs Analysis (TNA)


  1. Connecting Generations at the Workplace
  2. Corporate Culture Change Management
  3. Cross Cultural Skills
  4. Delegating for Maximum Results
  5. Diversity & Inclusion: Connecting Individuals, Embracing Diversity
  6. Effective People Management Skills
  7. Managing All Generations at Work
  8. Managing Conflicts and Resolutions
  9. Relationship Management at Work
  10. Working Effectively with All Personality Types
  11. The Art of Managing People


  1. Beyond the Limits: Highly Effective People in Action
  2. Bringing Passion to Work and Life
  3. Building Unshakable Confidence through Self-Empowerment
  4. Developing Essential Skills at Work
  5. Emotional Intelligence: Quantum Leap to Success
  6. Leading with Success Mindset
  7. Mastering Personal Effectiveness and Emotional Competence
  8. Managing Multiple Tasks and Work Priorities
  9. Motivational & Personal Effectiveness
  10. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) at Work (Basic & Advanced Level)
  11. Organizing Yourself for Maximum Effectiveness
  12. Power Personality
  13. Productive Time & Stress Management
  14. Self-Empowerment: Attitude, Interpersonal Skills, Social Competencies & Motivation
  15. Self-Management for Peak Performance: EQ, Time & Stress Management
  16. The Complete Guide to Positive Power
  17. The Executive Intelligence: Intellectual, Emotional, Social
  18. Think Big: You are What You Think
  19. Women Empowerment: You are the Pearls of Wisdom


  1. Fundamentals of Project Management
  2. Managing Multiple Projects, Priorities, Decision Making & Problem Solving
  3. Risk Management


  1. 5S Principles & Implementation
  2. First Aid & CPR (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)
  3. Health & Safety Workshop
  4. Introduction to O?ice Kaizen
  5. Kaizen & Continuous Improvement
  6. Lean Manufacturing & Production


  1. Coaching for Greater Sales Performance
  2. Developing Effective Marketing Strategies & Plans
  3. Digital Marketing: 5 Steps to Improve Business Profit
  4. How to Get Your Customers to Keep Coming Back
  5. Marketing for New and Non-Marketers
  6. Professional Telemarketing Skills for Excellence
  7. Strategic Marketing & Analytical Skills
  8. Successful Negotiation Skills for Sales
  9. Strategic & Creative Marketing


  1. Balanced Scorecard & Monitoring Performance
  2. KPI Development & Writing Program