1. AIMST Dental Students' Association (ADSA)
  2. Medical Students' Association (MEDSA)
  3. Pharmaceutical Society of AIMST University (PHARMSA)
  4. AIMST Biotechnology Students' Association (ABSA)
  5. AIMST Foundation Students' Association (AFSA)
  6. AIMST Indian Student Movement (AISM)
  7. AIMST Engineering and IT Society (AEITS)
  8. AIMST Physiotherapy Students' Association
  9. AIMST Student Nurses Association
  10. AIMST Indian Cultural Society
  11. AIMST Punjabi Cultural Society
  12. AIMST Union Christian Fellowship
  13. AIMST Movie Club
  14. AIMST Basketball Club
  15. AIMST Football & Fustsal Club
  1. AIMST Badminton Club
  2. AIMST Business Club
  3. AIMST Frisbee Club
  4. AIMST Tennis Club
  5. AIMST Technopreneur & Innovation Society
  6. AIMST Leo Club
  7. AIMST Glamz Movie Zone Club
  8. AIMST 24 Seasons Drum Club
  9. Language Club
  10. R.E.D Association
  11. AIMST TZU CHI Collegiate Youth Association
  12. AIMST Kendo Club
  13. AIMST Buddhist Association
  14. Rotract Club Association
  15. AIMST Taekwondo Club

Counselling offers a variety of positive benefits which can enhance student's life greatly. Counselling can be of great support to students during the transition of change and at AIMST University, C.A.S.U. counsellors are professionally qualified and offer free and confidential support to all its students. Students who are overawed by life on campus may visit our experienced counsellors who will assist them to cope with the intricacies and complexities of university life.Studies shows students receiving comprehensive guidance and counseling would significantly increase their CGPA achievement. Our counselors have the time, the resources, and comprehensive guidance program to facilitate students in improving their CGPA.

C.A.S.U. also offers workshops, group counseling, self-help materials and professional guidance in managing Exam Stress, Sleep Management, Anxiety and Panic, Concentration, Conflict with Others, Homesickness, Loneliness, Mindfulness, Parental Separation, Perfectionism, Phobias, Procrastination, Self-Esteem, Mental Block and help deal with many other issues that can be overcomed through counseling.

Our counsellors are very understanding and always ready to offer support. Plus, they respond in non-judgemental way. They will respect your values, choices and life-style. Our counselors at C.A.S.U. will work with you to achieve your goals.


Hostel accommodation is provided for all students, whether local, out-of-town or overseas students. These residences are shared by groups of four to twelve students and are within walking distance to the Student Centre that contains shops, a cafeteria and ATM Teller Machine. The University's accommodation package includes three meals a day at the cafeteria.

Student Residential Room
Living Room in Student's Residence
Micro-Wave and Refrigerators at the Pantry
Bathroom facilities
Bathroom facilities
Warden' Office
Laundrette at Student Residence
Security at the Student Residence
Wardens at the Student Residence
TV/ Astro at the Cafeteria Area
Neat and Clear Walkways at Student
Parking Space at Student Residence
Mutaiyas Cash & Carry
Hair Salon & Beauty Parlor
Drug Information Centre
Patient Counseling Room
Book Shop
ATM Teller Machine
Ice-cream & Wafer Shop
Photocopy Shop
Pool Table Centre
AIMST Kopitiam

AIMST Students' Medical Insurance coverage is underwritten by CHUBB Insurance Malaysia Berhad(9827-A) Insurance benefits also extended to AIMST official staffs (Group Hospital & Surgical ).


No matter how focused or even confused you may be about career choice, the Student Counselling Centre has something to offer. Meet with a counsellor to discuss your career options and identify next steps to take as you work to identify and achieve your academic and professional/career goals.

Student Counselling Centre plays an integral role in supporting the University’s mission to produce graduates with strong employability skills, who are career-ready, and highly sought-after by employers and the industry.

The Student Counselling Centre provides various services to help students enhance their own employability by helping them to discover their career interests and strengths.