Tackling airborne virus transmission

Understand more on tackling airborne virus transmission through an article by Dr. Gokul Shankar Sabesan, […]

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‘Leadership skills inspired from Nature’

Leadership and team skills among students are emphasised by the Malaysian Qualification Framework (MQF). Hence, […]

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‘The Tortoise and The Hare

Coordination mechanisms constitute part of good governance in government and a networked government allows for […]

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An article on Ms. Chua Kah Hoay, an alumna of AIMST University’s Bachelor of Dental Technology (BDT)

An article on Ms. Chua Kah Hoay, an alumna of AIMST University’s Bachelor of Dental […]

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Future for online learning

AIMST University’s Faculty of Pharmacy Deputy Dean (Postgraduate, Research, and Administration), Associate Professor Dr. Sundram […]

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How varsities can drive prosperity via R&D

As the government is constrained by the limited number of research institutes to embark on […]

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Digital technologies can overcome Covid-19 disruptions

We are facing a major pandemic that has drastically affected social and economic growth. Since […]

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Tips to saving water while brushing teeth

AIMST University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs) and the Dean of Faculty of Dentistry, Associate Professor […]

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Help to quit smoking

Associate Professor Dr. Hasnah Hashim from the Dental Public Health Department, Faculty of Dentistry of […]

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Why Mastery of Mathematics is Important

Mr. Raman Raguraman, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Technology (FECT), […]

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Learning of New Skills Vital to Remain Relevant Throughout One’s Career

According to the Labour Force Malaysia Report, the number of unemployed has increased from 764,400 […]

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Phase out migrant labour, accelerate tech investments to boost productivity

In a 2020 survey, the World Economic Forum found that more than 80 percent of […]

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