Free webinar on ‘Demystifying diabetes: Is Type 2 DM reversible?

AIMST University’s Faculty of Allied Health Professions (FAHP) is organizing a webinar on ‘Demystifying diabetes: Is Type 2 DM reversible?’ at 11 am on 27th November 2020.
This webinar is in conjunction with the World Diabetes Day (WDD) which is celebrated on November 14 every year and the theme for World Diabetes Day 2020 is ‘The Nurse and Diabetes’. WDD falls on the birthday of Fredrick Banting who, along with Charles Best, were credited for the discovery of insulin in 1921.
The webinar consists of a presentation on ‘Demystifying Diabetes: Is Reversible Type 2 DM?’ and a session for debate. The resource person for the webinar will be Ms. Wong Lai Kun, Lecturer at FAHP, and it will be moderated by Ms. Drona Dewi, an alumna of AIMST University’s Faculty of Applied Sciences (Batch 4) and the founder & CEO of Drona Wellness.
Please fill the registration form at and view the brochure for more details. E-certificate will be provided for registered participants.