Pathway Options After Your Foundation in Business

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When you chose to do a foundation in business in Malaysia, it meant that you wanted to pursue a degree in business — which is a great idea because a Foundation in Business gives you pre-knowledge about your chosen field.

However, the business field is quite broad. Therefore, after your Foundation in Business, you will need to choose and focus on a particular field to acquire a degree in that business field.

Below are pathway options you can choose after your Foundation in Business in Malaysia.


1. Finance

This course will cover the relevant areas in finance, such as investment, capital planning, international finance, and financial analysis. The programme will also equip you with knowledge on how to assess and solve problems in the business world by applying principles of finance and accounting.

During the programme, you will also be taught how to use quantitative tools to analyze modern business functions and practices, recognise the connection between financial concepts and their application in the global markets.


2. Business Management

When you choose to acquire a degree in Business Management, you will be taught how to explore current operations and marketing management practices and principles to create efficient, productive systems. Also, you will be taught how to evaluate the various methods of personnel selection and implement standards for performance evaluation.

As you continue the programme, you will be equipped with knowledge on how to analyse cases that focus on vital management tasks like marketing research, sales forecasting, product and brand management, distribution channels, branding strategies, pricing, and promotion.


3. International Business

This programme will equip you with knowledge of how international trade and finance policies and relations affect business decisions and analyse real-life practices of international marketing, global financial markets, and international trade operations.

You will be taught on how to adapt marketing strategies for the international markets, design management practices and processes in an international environment while recognising global differences, and manage business operations and production on a global scale.


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4. Human Resource Management

Almost every industry in the world requires human resource management, and this field offers students a different path in business.

The course is designed to provide industry-focused topics from human asset management to conflict resolution. The curriculum also includes learning how to develop a personnel selection process for a particular position.

You will also learn how to establish performance standards for a job, and select methods of performance appraisal, assess the relative worth of available jobs and come up with a compensation structure along with covering disciplinary actions.


5. Economics

Economics is a broad field and is at the centre of most worlds’ issues. World problems like poverty, inflation, unemployment, growth, and politics all revolve around economics.

If you choose to study economics at the university, you will develop an understanding of why countries and companies make certain decisions and how they come up with such decisions.

You will be taught how to analyse mathematical and statistical data to come up with solutions to problems in the business world.

As you continue to study, you will be open to in-depth issues and debates, looking at key examples of winners and losers in different sectors, as well as how it connects with more significant problems in the world at large.


6. Project Management

As the name implies, you will be equipped with the necessary skills of leading and managing diverse teams and projects within an organisation and

understanding the steps and processes needed to complete projects on time and within the budget in the business world.

The programme usually covers how to initiate and use Gantt Charts, CPM, and PERT techniques, along with creating project plans that include cost, scheduling, risk assessment, and management.


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In a Nutshell

You can choose the above pathway options after completing your Foundation in Business in Malaysia shows how broad and diverse the business field can be.

Every career path is quite different but is built around common core business values and principles. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly and helpful counsellors.

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